Paris Rive Gauche T10B

One of the challenges of the ZAC Rive Gauche project is to create a strong physical link between the south end of the 13th district of Paris and the Seine river banks. In that perspective the T10 plot has a very strategical position: it is located at the very end of this urban development zone, in direct contact with Paris’ oldest urban fabric. As important is the wish of the City of Paris to transform Paris into a city with human dimensions, where buildings can open up towards the air and the sun. A city accessible on foot and by bike and a more and more sustainable and green city. Paris Habitat and ICF Habitat Novedis teamed up to create an ambitious competition for this plot with 55 family apartments, 180 student flats, 75 apartments for middle income households, SNCF offices, commercial area and an underground public parking, won by SeARCH together with Atelier Phileas and LA Architectures.

One competition, 3 architects, 3 programs, 3 buildings, one project

Each architect worked on one building, that has its own architectural identity but that is well linked to the others by several common elements: a cut skyline with openings creating views and allowing air and light to come in, façades expressing their function from a close range but also from a further range, giving them a very urban twist and a green ribbon with trees for every inhabitant!

SeARCH with Atelier Phileas and LA Architectures
T10B Rive Gauche
ICF Novedis
Paris, FR
SeARCH, Atelier Phileas and LA architectures, SeARCH, Atelier Phileas and LA Architectures, SeARCH