SeARCH stands for Urbanism & Architecture (Stedenbouw en ARCHitectuur). As our name suggests, we see buildings and their surrounding environment as inseparable elements of design.

SeARCH was founded in 2002 by Bjarne Mastenbroek, and is a leading architecture and urban design bureau based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with an international multi-disciplinary staff working on projects around the world.

Our practice is driven by a fascination with the intimate and reciprocal relationship between architecture and site. Our projects are conceived as landscapes - the most essential and generous element. Without boundaries, landscapes are endless and open - they connect architecture with its surroundings, and interior with exterior.

Through a careful consideration of the surrounding environment, SeARCH introduces a high degree of sustainability and circularity into our projects. As Dutch architects, we are well aware of the scarcity of land and strongly believe in using this resource intelligently to give nature more space to thrive.

SeARCH believes in collaborating with clients, users, and specialists to create innovative, original and unexpected design solutions. Research into new building methods, products & materials is a natural extension of our design work.

We are pioneers of the timber revolution. In the last 20 years we have increasingly chosen timber construction, convinced of its superiority. Today over half of our projects are bio-based, sustainable, timber buildings.