Lycée Michel Lucius

The Lycée International Michel Lucius will welcome 1,800 students at the start of the 2026 academic year. On campus we are designing a sports complex with swimming pool, four indoor sports fields, multifunctional rooms and gyms. Alongside this is the school building, where a library, a multifunctional hall, administration department, and a restaurant, supports the three levels of classes, studios and laboratories above. The total built programme of 32,000m2, is distributed under and above a large landscaped deck, optimising the exceptional natural site.

The project is inspired by the concept of the Greek ‘agora’ which can be defined as a group of buildings organized to form a clearly delimited yet open collective urban space. This campus adapts itself to the terrain and maximizes visual connections.

The school building is integrated into the site’s topography in order to maintain maximum views and access to the adjoining park.

Part of the program is positioned under a large accessible deck which undulates to connect the different natural and urban levels that exist around the hilly site. Although separated by an ecological corridor, the sports complex and the school building are linked by the same green deck. All the functions that complement the school’s operation - canteen, multipurpose room and library - are located on the lower floors under this landscaped deck with a direct orientation towards the park. Through a clever staggering of these programmes, the school works with the landscape, so that it is accessible from multiple sides and levels.

The undulations of the deck above is informed by the heights of the interior spaces below. Programmes below and above the deck areas are connected by a generous open staircase over four floors. This open circulation space is the central heart of the building, aiding the intuitive orientation of the students in such a large school complex.

Two volumes emerge from the green deck: the zig-zagging building housing the classrooms and the volume of the sports fields. The zig-zag shape of the school building generates large outdoor spaces accessible to students on both the street and park side and offers high school students varied views while avoiding undesirable solar orientations.

Designed with co-architects Witry-Witry from Luxembourg, the project is expected to be completed in 2026.

SeARCH i.c.w. Witry & Witry
Lycée International Michel Lucius
Administration des Bâtiments Publics
Plateau de Kirchberg, Luxembourg (LUX)
2019 - ongoing