Klein Amsterdam

When developing a new housing area, the presence and proximity of a school is a crucial factor. Unfortunately, the process of urban planning and construction is a slow one and often cannot keep up with growing families.

In order to avoid latency, SeARCH was commissioned by Stichting Leren in de Tussenruimte to design a new way of building a school. This transitional space based on circular principles is built entirely from timber and can be easily dismantled, moved, enlarged and extended.

The first new school being built with this principle, “Klein Amsterdam”, is composed of prefabricated timber modules. When stacked together these modules create a highly unique layout, a great improvement on the classic container school. The programme consists of classrooms, playrooms, workspaces, indoor courtyard and possible “Plug-ins” for additional functions or activities.

The school is very open, warm, transparent and inviting. Each prefabricated timber module has a different finish depending on their programme; either classroom, office space or sanitary room. The size of the module (8,7m by 3,30m) fits on a standard truck allowing for easy transport and potential future relocation.

Initially, Klein Amsterdam will be comprised of 34 modules (1250m2) and will welcome 180 students. In 5 years time the school will support 360 students with 48 modules (2400m2). As the neighborhood grows and changes, so too can the school. It can be enlarged by adding modules or extended with various plugins.

Klein Amsterdam
Stichting Leren in de Tussenruimte
Amsterdam Noord, NL
De Groot Vroomshoop
Egbert de Boer, SeARCH