This fully circular and energy-neutral residential building, entitled Eyckstaete, will be the first timber residential building to offer sustainable housing for the elderly on IJburg.

Eyckstaete is comprised out of prefabricated timber elements which can be combined to offer diverse housing typologies and greater flexibility as residents age. This housing concept is in line with a sensitive care model which follows the phases of ageing; allowing seniors to live independently while possible, providing care at home as needed and creating a smooth transition to group homes once more complex care is required. Within Eyckstaete, a mix of homes for independent seniors, homes for people with more severe care needs and homes for care workers, are combined with generous common spaces above a lively plinth.

The plinth acts as a connector between the residents and the surrounding neighbourhood, providing facilities for an ageing population and enabling interaction with the wider public. Large vertical voids connect this light, open plinth to the life of residents above and the internal life of the collective spaces is readable in the transparent facade. A passage through the plinth provides access to the central courtyard, where residents of Eyckstaete and the surrounding buildings can meet and relax in a peaceful, green environment

Eyckstaete addresses two complex challenges facing our cities, how to meet the needs of a rapidly ageing population, and how to do so in a sustainable fashion. We are extremely proud to be involved in such an ambitiously, progressive project, providing high-quality timber housing for ageing gracefully.

Apollo vastgoed
2020- ongoing
Haveneiland Amsterdam, NL