Tera Adorá Eco Resort

Alongside one of the most beloved beaches of Curaçao, SeARCH has embedded a luxury hotel, standalone suites and fifty villas into the landscape. By exploiting the dramatic topography and nestling into the local vegetation, Tera Adorá offers spaces of peace and seclusion – a private oasis to recharge in nature.

You probably have a memory of an unspoilt beach, perhaps from one of your first trips far away, without your parents. What made it so beautiful? The peace, the freedom, no walls or fences but plenty of greenery. No commercial developments that demand your attention all day long. Pure relaxation.

So, what did we think when we were asked to design a resort right next to such an idyllic beach?

How do we nestle fifty villas, a resort hotel & 50 standalone suites into the landscape? We see Tera Adorá as a space of peace, nature, with a sun-drenched beach and a bustle that suits you. A place to have a drink in the sunshine, while enjoying a view of an azure blue bay. But also, a space of seclusion and privacy to recharge, a private oasis tucked between the greenery with a cooling breeze on your private terrace and pool.

The local vegetation is there for a reason, and we should celebrate it. It is beautiful, is incredibly tough and virtually impenetrable, which is superb for privacy and security. It requires no water or other maintenance. We have therefore opted for a design that not only respects the natural habitat, but also makes good use of it. Keep it natural!

While each Villa type is unique, all are designed with sustainability and comfort in mind. Ample vegetation surrounds each villa to act as a natural buffer. Shaded, cool bedrooms are located on the ground floor amongst this vegetation and a light, open living area sits above with an unobstructed view over the landscape towards the azure blue ocean.

The same design strategy is used for the arrangement of the free-standing Hotel suites on the Hotel Hill. The Hotel steps gradually down the hillside so all rooms have a seaview. Within the ellipse of the Hotel, volumes with a hotel program alternate with leafy gardens, a sports swimming pool, an ‘infinity’ pool, an orchard, edible garden, secluded garden and entrance square. A panoramic staircase connects to all these spaces and offers a dramatic path along the side of the Hotel. The design focuses on the relationship and transition between interior space, generous terraces, lush gardens, and spectacular views, never monotonous and strongly varying in drama.

Above all, the ambition is not to ruin this location, but to make it accessible and enjoyable. After many years of experience with architectural projects in Europe and beyond, we have learned one thing not to do. To summarize our design and goal all we can say is DFIU*.

* Don’t fuck it up!

Cas Abao
Curaçao (CW)
Large hotel complex with 36 freestanding suites, a restaurant, bars, welness facilities, several pools and 50 luxurious villa's on the north hill.